Foot Fungus


Also known as onychomycosis, foot fungus is specifically a fungal infection of the toenails. It causes toenails to become brittle and distorted, thicken, turn yellow, and emanate a foul smell. Foot fungus has the ability to cause a whole host of other problems, including uncomfortable mobility. We at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC have the expertise to help you or someone you know with various foot problems. Your New Jersey podiatrist is dedicated to getting you on the road to treatment for a pain-free life. 

Foot fungus comes in varying degrees of severity. Sometimes treatment isn’t required if it doesn’t bother you. However, for severe cases, relief can only be achieved by a podiatrist’s treatment. The frustrating thing about foot fungus is that even if treatment is successful, nail fungus often comes back. There are a few risk factors to be aware of, some in your control and some not:

-History of athlete’s foot

-Sweating a lot

-Diabetes causes circulation problems and a weakened immune system

-Minor skin or nail injury, such as psoriasis

-Walking barefoot in public areas, especially at gyms, shower rooms, and swimming pools

-Seniors have a reduced blood flow, so more exposure to fungi and slow-growing toenails

In order to prevent foot fungus, we recommend that you wash your feet regularly, choose reputable nail salons, wear sweat-absorbing socks and breathable shoes, especially wear footwear in pool areas and locker rooms, and either discard or disinfect old shoes. 

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Frank J. Killian, DPM FACFAS Owner, Mercer Ocean Podiatry Board Certified American Board of Podiatric Surgery Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons

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