Common Toe Deformities


Our feet withstand a lot. They hold up the full weight of our bodies and propel us forward. It’s important that we take care of our feet so that they can last us our lifetimes with little complication. Common toe deformities such as claw toe, hammertoe, and mallet toe can all be prevented if we treat our feet right. We at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC in New Jersey are dedicated to helping our patients find relief and educating them about how they can prevent future toe deformities. 

Claw toe, hammertoe, and mallet toe: it almost sounds like we’re going through a toolbox. But the names do lend to the visual abnormality of these deformities, as well as the discomfort. Most of the time, surgery will be required to completely correct these deformities. The tissue will need to be released and tendons will need to be lengthened. 

A closer look at the common toe deformities:

- Claw toe: This deformity is caused by one of the tendons in the foot contracting, raising the first bone in the toe and making the second two bones point downward. 

- Hammertoe: A normal toe should form a straight line with the three bones that make up the toe. This deformity raises the first toe bone, the second bone tilts downward, and the third bone becomes flat. Like claw toe, this is also caused by a tendon contracting in the foot.

- Mallet toe: This deformity is also caused by a tendon in the foot contracting. The first two toe bones remain straight, though they are slightly raised. The third bone points downwards.

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Frank J. Killian, DPM FACFAS Owner, Mercer Ocean Podiatry Board Certified American Board of Podiatric Surgery Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons

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