Foot Cramps

foot cramp

Foot cramps are a common vexation. Also called charley horses, they occur when a muscle tightens and is unable to relax. Although foot cramps are usually fleeting, when they recur, they could indicate a major problem in the foot or a person’s lifestyle. To help our patients manage them, we at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry wanted to share a few tips.

In the moment you experience a foot cramp, you may be able to relieve it by stretching your foot and putting your weight on it. After it passes, try massaging the muscle. One of the most common reasons people get frequent foot cramps is that they don’t stretch enough before exercising, causing them to have a limited blood supply to their foot muscles. However, a person might also be wearing shoes that are too tight or that don’t cushion them on hard floors, or they may be dehydrated or lacking in minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Our office can provide customized orthotics to people who are having trouble finding shoes that fit them, and we may be able to help a patient determine which stretches will keep them limber. But if a person is also suffering from leg swelling and redness, they should make an appointment with us so we can determine whether their cramps are a symptom of other biomechanical or neural problems.

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