Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome


If you have a shooting pain up your calf that you just can’t shake, you might have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This condition is especially painful because it affects the tibial nerve, which branches from the sciatic nerve. We at Mercer-Ocean Podiatry, PC are committed to helping you manage your pain, as well as correct the issue and prevent it from occurring again. Your New Jersey podiatrist can walk you through a treatment plan designed uniquely for you!

There are different types of pain associated with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Pain ranges from sharp, shooting, pins and needles, to an ‘electric shock’ or burning sensation. The pain is felt along your calf, but it is not uncommon to also feel pain in the sole of your foot or inside your ankle. Symptoms also depend on the individual. Some people experience gradual pain while others have felt pain very suddenly. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome pain worsens with physical activity, but depending on the severity, an individual can experience pain while resting. 

Causes of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome include:

- Arthritis inflammation

- Lesions, masses, tumors, or lipomas near the tibial nerve

- Benign bony growths in the tarsal tunnel

- Flat feet (which stretches the tibial nerve)

- Diabetes (makes the nerve vulnerable to compression)

- Varicose veins surrounding the tibial nerve (causes compression on the nerve)

- Injuries, traumas, or fractures that cause inflammation and swelling

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Frank J. Killian, DPM FACFAS Owner, Mercer Ocean Podiatry Board Certified American Board of Podiatric Surgery Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons

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