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Up to 30% of Americans suffer from neuropathy. If you experience concerning symptoms like tingling, burning, or numbness in your legs and feet, book an appointment with Frank Killian, DPM, FACFAS, Sameep Chandrani, DPM, AACFAS, and the team at Mercer Ocean Podiatry in Hamilton Township, Toms River, and Plainsboro Township, New Jersey. Without proper treatment, neuropathy can lead to serious complications like burns, infections, or amputation. To schedule your visit, call or book online today.

Neuropathy Q&A

What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy occurs when there’s damage to one or more of your nerves. Neuropathy can affect any of the nerves in your body but most commonly affects the nerves in your hands, legs, and feet. 

Neuropathy disrupts the signals being sent between your brain and your nerves and can develop suddenly or gradually. There are three major types of neuropathy:


Radiculopathy refers to compression of one or more of the nerves in your spine. There are several common types of radiculopathy, including sciatica and cervical radiculopathy. Depending on the location of your pinched nerve, symptoms can travel to your legs and feet. 

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy refers to damaged nerves outside of your brain and spinal cord. Peripheral neuropathy commonly affects the lower limbs, robbing you of feeling and sensation in your legs and feet. 

Many people with peripheral nerve damage can’t feel burns, cuts, and other injuries. Without treatment, these minor injuries can become serious infections and that lead to amputation. 


Mononeuropathy refers to nerve damage that affects a single nerve. One of the most common types of mononeuropathy is carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Mononeuropathy can affect any of the nerves in your body and typically results from trauma or long-term pressure on your nerve. 

What causes neuropathy?

Neuropathy can be caused by a number of things. Traumatic injuries can cause damage to your nerves. Sudden accidents, repetitive stress, and overuse can also increase pressure on your nerves, resulting in neuropathy. 

Certain conditions like kidney disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and tumors can cause neuropathy. In the United States, diabetes is the most common cause of neuropathy. Over 60% of people with diabetes experience neuropathy. 

What are the symptoms of neuropathy?

The most common symptom of neuropathy is the feeling of pins and needles in the affected area. Damage to your nerves results in numbness, tingling, and weakness. 

Additional symptoms include:

  • Sharp, burning pain
  • Muscle cramps or spasms
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of coordination

If you experience symptoms, it’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible. Early detection is key to successfully treating your condition and preventing further nerve damage. 

What treatments are available for neuropathy?

Effectively treating your condition requires a proper diagnosis. Mercer Ocean Podiatry performs a thorough evaluation to determine the type of neuropathy you’re suffering from. 

Once you’re diagnosed, the team may recommend treatments like:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Medications
  • Topical analgesic creams
  • Physical therapy

The team of board-certified podiatrists and ankle surgeons also offers diabetic foot care to help patients with diabetes avoid serious complications like ulcers and amputation. 

To get expert treatment for your neuropathy symptoms, call Mercer Ocean Podiatry or book an appointment online today.




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